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Top Ten Best Episodes of 2019

2019 flew by and we can hardly believe we recorded 52 episodes! Every fucking Wednesday this year we bombarded your ears with our love lives, failures, wins, dope guests and a lot of oversharing! So to celebrate this feat...AKA the most consistent things we've ever done (besides motherhood) we decided to highlight our Top 10 favorite episodes of the year. Check them out below and comment below to share the wealth if you loved one not listed here. Shout out to 2019 and let's go 2020!


Two moms, the desert, and too many mushrooms. This episode is what Podcast episodes are made . Good Moms recount their experience chaperoning Erica's little big brother, sneaking into Coachella, a mushroom trip from hell, and attending a 1 year old birthday party under the influence. Listen Here


Certified daddy issues? Leave it to the "daddy issues" experts to share all their business on the topic. Like giving dudes...who ain't your man...boyfriend privileges (eye roll).

Erica also shares a story of baby daddy back stepping. Fml. Listen Here


Their most high profile guest to date. Social Activist, Shaun King and his wife join Good Moms to discuss race, parenthood, the Amanda Seales beef and what exactly he did with all that money from Black Lives Matter... Listen Here


Threesome experts?... Why not?! whether single or in a relationship. Jamilah and Erica use their own experiences and common sense to list 5 ways to have a successful and positive threesome. Listen Here


Wheeww chile! The tea was steaming hot on this episode as on of the Good Moms share a recent dating experience of single dad catfishing. Further confirming that in are still hoes...part 3766273627 Listen Here


Monogamy or naw? Explore open relationships with expert @Baebaeleche who shares her experience on successfully navigating an ethical ten year open marriage, with a long term side piece and husband. (even through out most of her pregnancy!) Listen Here


Take a trip to Atlanta full of live show stress, Erica's epic lie, hoe heyday reminiscing, and divine God sent blessings. Listen Here


Hospital birth, home birth, oh my! Being black and birthing is life threatening, and what better way to learn all things black birthing than with the Black Mid Wife her self.

Listen Here


Pussy perfume is the new love potion number 9. Learn the power of pheromones from the sexpert her self, Shan Boodrum, along with ways to start the awkward yet necessary conversation about the birds, the bee's and why mommy and daddy have "many friends" aka open relationships. Listen Here


Pregnancy shaming in the industry (actually everywhere) is a real thing. Chatting it up with Grammy award winning phenomena and Momma, Melanie Fiona on how Hollywood tried to shade her when she decided to become a Mother and the anxiety she felt "coming out of the pregnancy closet". Listen Here


Thank you for joining us on this journey!

Look out for our Live Show dates happening in a city near you. See you next year!ate your support! Good Moms is a tribe whether you are a mom or not! We look forward to connecting with more of you, delivering more informative & fun content, bomb guests, and blog posts in 2020! Look out for our Live Show dates happening in a city near you. See you next year!



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